Are you constantly trying to invent ways to improve your exhibit? If so, here are a few ideas for you to clearly identify your product and/or services, establish credibility and give the attendees a reason to stop by and speak with you.

  • Use one large graphic for the back wall – eliminate too many of those small images and consider a large billboard style graphic or full size mural panels
  • Keep the main focus of the image above the 30” mark from the floor – your eye generally starts at that level
  • Try to eliminate or restrict the amount of small copy signs
  • Accessorize your display – add light fixtures
  • Consider freestanding literature racks – in order to keep your collateral neat and tidy
  • Update your look periodically – change your graphics
  • Add a splash of color – don’t be afraid to use bright colors such as red or purple
  • Add dimension to your graphics – precision laser cut 3D images placed on the back wall or on a counter top will grab attention
  • Fill sparse spaces – a retractable banner stand would work nicely
  • Freshen up the standard 6’ draped table – add a personalized table throw
  • Consider removing the table altogether – a smaller freestanding counter can take it’s place
  • Offer prizes for a few drawings – request attendees to fill out a contact form as an entry (great leads)
  • Get creative – if you can’t show that prize, make sure you have a large graphic image of it displayed
  • Add personalized carpet – logos can be inserted into your flooring for an extra added touch